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Spherical Lenses

Spherical Lens:

1. Variety: single lens, doublet lens, painting lens.
2. Material: optics material
3. Diameter: Φ1.5----Φ90
4. Accuracy: λ/10 (△N=0.2)          3/1(0.2/0.2) 
5. Centration tolerance: 15``        4/15`` 
6. Surface quality: 80/50-10/5      5/2X0.063
7. Center Thickness: ±0.01mm
8. Coating: High-efficiency anti-reflection coating、IR cut、 waterproof coating etc.
9. Applications: DSC、DV、projector、cellphone、Bar code scanner、Car lens、Saftery and monitor area、and all kinds of optical instruments.

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